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Sciaenops Ocellatus

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Juvenile redfish are an inshore species until they reach roughly 30 inches (4 years). They then migrate to the nearshore population. Prodigious spawners that produce tens of millions of eggs. Spawning season is from about August through December, in passes, inlets and lagoon estuaries around the state. During spawning season, redfish use special muscles rubbing against their air bladder to produce a “drumming” sound for which they are named. Feed on fish and invertebrates.

The body is copper bronze, fading to a lighter belly | One or more dark, ocellated spots at the base of tail (occasionally without spot) | Lack barbels on lower jaw

Up to 61 inches

Coastal waters. In winter, redfish are found in seagrass, over muddy or sand bottoms, or near oyster bars or spring fed creeks.