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Pterois volitans

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Lionfish are stalking predators that often corral prey into a corner. They can consume prey that are more than half of their own length and are known to prey on more than 70 marine fish and invertebrate species including yellowtail snapper, Nassau grouper, parrotfish, banded coral shrimp, and cleaner species. They also compete for food with native predatory fish such as grouper and snapper and may negatively impact the overall reef habitat by eliminating organisms that serve important ecological roles such as herbivorous fish that keep alga in-check.

Lionfish are a marine species that are primarily red, brown and white and has a striped, zebra-like appearance | While there are two distinct but visually identical species found in their non-native range, about 97 percent are red lionfish.

Up to 18 inches

Lionfish have high fidelity to a location, meaning once they find suitable habitat as an adult they tend to stay there, and can reach densities of more than 200 adults per acre.

Fun Fish Facts:
Lionfish are an invasive species that have a potential negative impact on native species and habitat. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) encourages people to remove lionfish from Florida waters to help limit negative impacts to native marine life and ecosystems.