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Balistes capriscus

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They are almost always found in association with red snapper. Triggerfish feed on crabs, sea urchins, shrimp, sand dollars, and mollusks. You can catch them on squid or cut bait but also harvesting by spear fishing. They have a hard bony mouth. Use a small very sharp hook. Light to medium fishing equipment with 20 to 50 lb. test line for fish 2 to 4 lbs.

Olive-gray in color with plate-like scales | Small mouth with chisel-like teeth used for crushing | Dorsal and anal fins marbled | Young have large dark spots on the back (sometimes persist in adults)

Up to 17 inches

Can be found in hard-bottoms, reefs and ledges in water depths that exceed 80 feet.

Fun Fish Facts:
State Record: 12 lb 7 oz, caught near Pensacola July 15, 2001