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Coryphaena hippurus

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Adults eat squid, flying fish, and other small fish while cruising through weed lines in offshore waters. Troll natural habitats such as ballyhoo rigged on #7 or #8 steel wire with a 7/o or 8/o hook. When a schooling dolphin is hooked, the rest of the school will stay nearby. Chumming cut bait will bring them in.

Bright greenish blue back with yellow on sides | A single dark dorsal fin extends from above the eye to the tail | Capable of flashing purple, chartreuse and a wide range of other colors | Irregular blue or golden blotches scattered over sides

Up to 63 inches (88 pounds); common to 30 pounds

Can be found offshore in warm waters. Young live in floating sargassum weed.

Fun Fish Facts:
State Record: 81 lb., caught near Lantana.